Metadomo is creating the first ‘Loyalty-on-Leverage” platform that benefits Loyalty Point Providers (LPPs), Retail Merchants and Human Verified Consumers globally.

Metadomo connects traditional loyalty point programs (airline miles, credit card, telco points), gaming points and web3 projects to a global network of merchant locations at the physical POS level, enabling expanded point redemption and cross-border loyalty.

Our main application, Rewards Station, incentivizes users to aggregate their existing loyalty points, earn more through activities, and enjoy broader cross-border redemption utilities for their points through us.

By using spending their loyalty points through Metadomo, users earn our $DOMO token on top, and build their MetaLoyalty Profile (user-owned) which contains data that can be sold to retail merchants and other point providers as well as verify the owner is a human-verified account without invasive biometric data.

We are positioning MetaLoyalty Profiles to serve as a Know-You're-Human (KYH) identifier by using loyalty and transactional data at brick and mortar (physical) merchants as a personhood identification method. Furthermore, our fiat revenue stream-derived $DOMO tokenomics are a sustainable incentive for users to continually verify their humanity by engaging in the loyalty economy, which benefits all stakeholders.

All of this is done without asking the stakeholders (merchants, loyalty point providers, merchants, etc) to deviate from their existing traditional systems. Metadomo simply acts as a Web3 layer operating on top.

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