MetaLoyalty Profile

MetaLoyalty Profiles stores encrypted information regarding a user’s connected loyalty programs, demographics and more, and stores data on learned spending behaviors through Metadomo.

All Metadomo users are have a MetaLoyalty Profile created for them, and all aforementioned data is accumulated and stored passively, by the user doing their normal activities.

Data TypeDescription

Age, Demographics

Basic demographic data

Connected Points

Data collected from Loyalty Point Providers, various, in accordance to law


Behavior related to point usage, vouchers redeemed at merchants, etc

Redeemed Vouchers

Interests and preferences on redeemed vouchers, value of vouchers

POS Terminal Redemption data

Data collected at physical POS terminals upon voucher redemption, used for validating human authenticity.

Sensitive data is stored in Metadomo Core, in a private, permissioned environment. A non-sensitive representation of this user data can be bridged out to public blockchains, for use as 'user pass' purposes.


Actions such as redeeming vouchers at merchant locations level up the MetaLoyalty Profile, granting tier upgrades, allowing for more benefits such as higher Cashback rates and more preferable decay wastage times.

Users with high tier MetaLoyalty Profiles are able to leverage their existing loyalty points more efficiently to earn more!

KYH (Know You're Human)

Human Authenticity can be inferred from continuous data collected and accumulated in MetaLoyalty Profile. The collected data, particularly POS terminal redemption data at physical stores, is difficult for AI bots to emulate. We call this system KYH.

Drawing KYH personhood proofs from loyalty and purchase data provides the following advantages:

Non-invasive proof method

  • Other identity based projects such as WorldCoin use biometric data (iris scans) to create personhood proofs, creating a public perception of dystopian invasion of personal privacy, no matter how secure and open source the underlying technology may be.

Continuous Proofs

  • Loyalty and purchase transactions happen continuously and build value to the accumulated data,, whereas proof relying on biometric data is static and not usable in any other way than to prove personhood.


  • Sharing transactional data is commonplace, as in internet cookies for advertising, in surveys and more. Thus using this data for KYH identity proofs should not pose resistance or a mental barrier.

By connecting their Web3 Wallet which contains the soulbound MetaLoyalty NFT, users can verify their humanity to service providers.

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