Stakeholder Issues


Metadomo solves issues within the traditional industries, instead of inventing a completely new crypto loyalty system. The inner workings of these industries, particularly the Loyalty Program Providers, are not common knowledge so we take the time here to explain.

What Kind of Issues Do Loyalty Stakeholders Face?

Loyalty Program Providers

Loyalty Program Providers (LPPs) such as airline miles, credit card points, game points have limited redemption options that are seen as valuable by the consumers and typically lack cross-border capability.

In some cases, the lack of redemption activity by consumers causes an undesired financial liability for LPPs as excess points accumulate on their books for longer than desired until they redeemed or expire. Innovation in this segment has been nearly non-existent.

Furthermore, although it may seem that point expiration would be more financially preferable, the lack of redemption indicates the points are not worth much to the consumer - a net negative to the brand image. Thus LPPs prefer points to be redeemed.

Brick and Mortar Merchants/Retailers

Brick and mortar Merchants and Retailers face issues attracting new customers, especially from desired demographics. Correlating marketing spend to conversion is easy in e-commerce as everything can be tracked technically through various tools like UTM or pixels. However, this doesn't apply to physical retailers where ROI from marketing spend is difficult to correlate, resulting in retailers investing more marketing at the awareness level, with KPIs based on brand awareness ('brand lift' in marketing terms).

Measuring exact ROI on marketing spend is difficult for brick and mortar merchants/retailers.


Users generally have a lackluster loyalty experience, from limited redemption options with no cross-border capability, to being stuck within proprietary program-specific silos, and a complicated login and management interface to various memberships. Users also lack recognition and meaningful rewards including monetization of their activities. In fact, as is standard in the Web2 world, the valuable data they generate from their activities is sold out from under them. The users lack true ownership of their profile and experience.

Data Insights Customers

Data Insight Customers (enterprise purchasers of consumer research) receive research that tends to be more general in nature and not based on detailed accuracy, although it may not be presented as such. They typically engage data insight companies with the hope the data is high enough quality to be meaningful let alone justify the price. There is demand for a platform that affords access to accurate, rich data directly from the targeted source.

Web3 Investors & Projects

Web3 Investors and Web3 projects desire widespread Web3 adoption in the mainstream, but these Web3 projects are typically designed by, and for, Web3 tech savvy audiences which makes access difficult for the layperson and domain knowledge a requirement for their token functions, such as staking or governance rights.

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