Product Thesis

The following points drive the direction of Metadomo in order to maximize growth and token potential above and beyond the competition:

Streams of Mass Adoption

The path to mass adoption is not through crypto education, but rather through conversion of systems of which the Web2 masses are already a part. In order to be successful in Web3 mass-adoption, users should be onboarded into Web3 with minimal or no knowledge required.

Winning Narratives

Money follows attention, and attention is focused on dominant narratives. Projects which bring innovation within these narratives are best positioned for token potential.

Long Term Survival

Projects must have touch points and integrations in the real world to survive what comes after the crypto bull run. Being a purely Web3 play with Web3 users means the threat of fading into irrelevancy is high as you are competing at the tech and attention level only.

Value Capture in Token

Token design must link to real underlying business revenues to properly capture value. Commonly seen token utiilties such as governance and staking do not achieve this, meaning the token is too dependent on attention on the project. Once that attention is gone, the token value free falls.


Metadomo Strategy

Loyalty to drive Web3 Mass Adoption + AI Narrative + Real-world integrations + Revenue-derived Cashback = Metadomo Explosive Potential

Loyalty as Mass Web2 User Inflow

Virtually everyone is enrolled in some kind of loyalty program, and traditional Web2 loyalty program providers are plagued with issues around redeem-ability and declining value. By solving their issues, Metadomo gets access to their massive user base, which is much larger than the status quo in Web3 (See: User Scale)

We operate as B2B2C, which means the LPP's users also become our users. We acquire users not in a ground-up approach, but through integrating LPPs and absorbing their user base in a mutually beneficial way.

Human Verification via Actual Transaction Data

We believe AI will be an even more dominant narrative in the coming years, particularly the need to verify humans from AI bots. We already see big winners on first-movers in this market such as WorldCoin, and the space will only bring more attention as the need to verify personhood grows.

Metadomo breaks new ground in this narrative by leveraging the physical shop's POS transaction and loyalty data stored in MetaLoyalty Profiles to infer Personhood, an improvement from invasive biometric data requirements from competitors.

Real-world Integrations (POS terminals, LPPs, Merchants)

Metadomo use of Web3 to solve problems in Web2 industries appears in mostly Web2 ways to the Stakeholders. They are not asked to adopt tokens, wallets or anything similar which creates friction for adoption. All the magic happens in the background.

$DOMO Token Value Foundation based on Actual Revenue Streams

$DOMO cashback tokenomics is sourced from Metadomo fiat revenue streams, NOT from supply mint, and our Decay Wastage mechanism creates a skew for market buy pressure in a transparent and sustainable way.

This, combined with Metadomo's position as a pioneer in the AI narrative by incentivizing growth of human-verified MetaLoyalty profiles through $DOMO, creates a more than reasonable basis to draw token upside comparables from the following:

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