Metadomo is powered by the $DOMO token, which primarily serves users through its cashback global loyalty utility.

Utility 1: Cashback Global Loyalty

$DOMO cashback is earned from transactional volume pushed through Metadomo, such as redeeming merchant offers. The token is designed to be a positive feedback loop that drives more transaction volume.

This benefits all stakeholders in our ecosystem, as so:

  • Users earn $DOMO by using their connected points at redemption locations provided by Metadomo's global merchant network, which they can use towards future purchases while also upgrading their MetaLoyalty Profile tiers.

  • Point providers benefit by getting their points off their books faster. Unspent points are typically held as liabilities on their books, and they prefer to have the points spent. By adding an additional cashback incentive through $DOMO, users now have increased incentives to use their domant points.

  • Cashback is redeemed towards merchants, so they benefit through customer acquisition.

To create favorable token conditions, $DOMO cashback works similarly to any standard loyalty point, with point expiry. We have created a fair and open expiry model called Cashback Decay Wastage.

Utility 2: Data Lake Access

Third-party data consumers, such as research companies, financial institutions, advertisers, CPG brands, and analysts desire access to consumer data with increasing value based on the richness of the data. Metadomo is accumulating a very rich data lake as the data associated with our users’ MetaLoyalty Profiles includes a fuller spectrum user profile from the various membership connections, opt-in personal data, and actual spending behavior collected from the merchant point of sale transactions in various locations.

In addition, merchants on our network are able to advertise to desired audience segments based on data stored in MetaLoyalty Profiles. In this sense, Metadomo acts as an advertising platform, providing access to consumer data to merchants, which provides advertising revenue.

This revenue is split between Metadomo and users, as data in MetaLoyalty profiles are user owned and thus user-permissioned, meaning that ultimately they choose whether to sell and earn on their data.

Merchants pay fees in $DOMO token. Fiat to $DOMO auto conversion available to provide frictionless payment options to our clients.

Utility 3: Human Authenticity

In the age of bots and sybil-ridden airdrops, the need for proving human authenticity is rising. Several solutions have been proposed, such as tokenization of biometrics (WorldCoin), sybil-scoring on-chain behaviors, to outright KYC on private wallets.

Metadomo is able to utilize transactional data at our physical merchant network to infer human authenticity of a MetaLoyalty profile. Physical, in-store purchases on a periodic basis provides a great way to prove humanity as a side-effect (until we have humanoid robots).

Other Web3 enabled websites can tokengate access to their dApp or functions within their dApp to Human Authenticated MetaLoyalty profile NFT holders.

Metadomo will charge a fee on authenticity checking, based on volume checked per month. Fees to be charged in $DOMO.

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