Cashback Decay Wastage

In order to increase token demand, create deflationary tokenomics and incentivize consumer spending behavior, Metadomo has created a decay wastage mechanism. Wastage is a common term in the e-voucher business. Metadomo uses it as a tokenomic advantage.

Just like most loyalty points, $DOMO Cashback will expire, though the expiration is set as a gradual decay over time. Consumers can reset the decay timer by redeeming merchant/loyalty offers on Metadomo.

The decay wastage mechanism constantly places a higher $DOMO buy pressure on the market as there will always be less Cashback redeemed than issued. All $DOMO that has decayed is removed from the user Cashback wallet and is burned, creating overall token deflation as well.

Earned Cashback can also be withdrawn from the Cashback wallet to the user asset wallet, where the consumer can have complete control of their $DOMO. The transfer is subject to a variable cool down period and an instant decay tax to favor Cashback redemption over withdrawals.

Users who have higher-tiered MetaLoyalty Profiles can enjoy longer decay timers, lower decay rates, lower withdrawal cool down periods and more perks.

Since Cashback is redeemed against merchant and loyalty program provider offers, it is beneficial for stakeholders to make $DOMO the true MetaLoyalty Point.

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