Unique Positioning

POS-level redemptions

  • We are integrated at existing point of sale (POS) devices level. There is no need for adoption of new devices, training for shop staff, etc. Merchants scan our redemptions like any other existing transaction.

Not requiring LPPs to overhaul legacy systems to Web3

  • LPPs are starting to have mandates for a Web3 strategy, however they are hesitant to completely overhaul their systems. We offer a solution to keep their systems while having exposure in Web3.

Loyalty and Points as massive onramp of Web2 users from LPPs

  • The LPPs who expressed interest in Metadomo have daily active user bases that dwarf anything seen in Web3 (especially Chinese LPPs). Since we are a B2B2C model, their users become our users, cooperatively. This has the potential to be one of the largest onramps of users to the Web3 ecosystem.

Pioneer in the Human Autheticity narrative

  • We marry the massive onramp of users from Web2 with the explosively growing human authenticity narrative, seen from projects such as WorldCoin who reached over 74B FDV. Humans can be verified from physical purchase transaction and loyalty data, which is much less invasive compared to biometrics such as iris or palm scans, or KYC identity verifications.

  • Metadomo can verify authentic human users through in-person transactions at physical retailers, which is non-intrusive and respects the privacy of the users.

Global team, strength and experience in Japan and China

  • Cofounders have years of experience and long-term senior industry connections in China and Japan, with equal representation of senior executive experience in large MNC enterprises and crypto degen skillsets.

  • These target markets are well suited for cross-border loyalty solutions and have massive user bases.

Tokenomics based on a solid underlying business model with revenue-driven positive flywheel utility

  • $DOMO cashback is sourced from fiat revenues, instead of supply mint (provided sufficient exchange volumes). Cashback Decay Wastage is used to skew positive buy pressure, in a transparent way.

  • Cashback is a straightforward concept with large, active Web2 audiences in social media (eg. travel hacks using credit card points, etc).

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