Rewards Station

What is Rewards Station?

Rewards Station is a questboard solution for Web3 projects to bootstrap community growth and engagement.

Questboard phase provides a simple tool for communities and fan clubs to reward their users with real-world merchant POS scannable voucher rewards for completing desired behaviors. Projects are able to design incentivized campaigns via our admin wizard to increase community growth and retention.

We offer several advantages compared to other questboards:

  • Connection into our merchant network

    • When posting quests, projects can set the value of the accumulated points by users to be redeemable for certain values of vouchers redeemable in-store globally.

  • Clubs designed as mini-loyalty programs

    • When projects on-board as Clubs, our system is designed to encourage community growth through loyalty of real users, rather than value-extractors plagued by many questboards.

  • First step into MetaLoyalty

    • Rewards Station's backend is connected into Metadomo Core, which means user's are building their MetaLoyalty profiles through actions. This MetaLoyalty profile is also connected to other traditional pipelines, such as telco, credit card points, Loyalty points, etc.

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